2020 LEASH Activity 

As we all know, 2020 was a challenging year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Volunteer opportunities were limited and beginning in mid-March, 2020, the Lake County Animal Shelter closed to volunteers, which is where LEASH volunteers would spend a considerable amount of time.  Because of these limitations, LEASH volunteer hours were significantly reduced.  Now that there is a Covid-19 vaccine available, we hope to see increased volunteer activity in 2021.  Following are the numbers for 2020:

  • Nearly 824 hours were spent in walking dogs at the Lake County Animal Shelter prior to the Covid shutdown.

  • 1,040 hours were spent in fostering cats.

  • 180 hours were spent by volunteers assisting with Caturday (e.g. Community Cat Spay and Neuter) in 2020. 

  • Nearly 100 hours were spent in educating and assisting Lake County residents with TNR activities.

  • LEASH held their first annual Gala to help fund the free Spay/Neuter certificate program for Lake County dogs.  The Gala was a huge success and was held in late February just prior to the Covid lockdown.  Nearly $7,500 was raised for the Spay/Neuter program.

  • Over 100 free Spay/Neuter certificates issued by LEASH were used by financially challenged Lake County residents to have their dogs spayed or neutered at either Misfits Clinic or Tavares Crossroads Veterinary Clinic.

  • ​LEASH provided nearly $5,500 in veterinary medical assistance to animal shelters and rescues in Lake County.

  • LEASH also provided over $3,600 in direct assistance to local animal shelters and rescues to help with specific equipment, supplies or operational needs.

  • To help pay for those and other services, LEASH received $15,500 in grants and nearly $7,200 in donations in 2020.


About Us!

         Our Mission

It is our mission, as an independent non-profit organization, to work in conjunction with the Lake County Animal Shelter, other local shelters, and animal advocacy groups to enhance the quality of life and shelter living conditions for shelter animals and to improve the prospect of these animals transitioning to a forever home. In working together, we will increase the rate of live release, decrease the shelter animals’ length of stay, and provide a more pleasant experience for the animals entrusted to the care of the shelter.
​ We will realize this goal through charitable fund-raising, community outreach, volunteer and foster recruitment, medical sponsorships, and promotion of adoption. L.E.A.S.H., Inc. encourages compassion, enrichment, and care for shelter animals in our community. 

​                  Our History

LEASH, Inc was established in 2015​​ to improve the life of the animals at Lake County Animal Shelter.  The founders, Whitney Luckhart, Lisa Richardson & Michelle Ballings,  met and bonded as volunteers at the shelter.   

Our first fundraiser  was in the fall of 2014.  Many of the dogs did not have elevated Kuranda beds to keep them off the cold concrete floors of the kennels.   A successful garage sale  and community support  provided Kuranda beds for ALL of the shelter dogs. 

LEASH, Inc was conceived with the purpose to  provide a variety of opportunities for individuals to volunteer and to contribute positively  to the homeless animals at the shelter. ​